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The last of us matchmaking takes forever I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters

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The last of us matchmaking takes forever

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Looking Sexy Meeting The last of us matchmaking takes forever

Boards Oc Last of Us Remastered omg please fix Lonely sluts Portugal. User Info: Wow im in a party of 3 and we have been trying to get into a game for 30 mins Is this supposed to be next gen? I usually love ND but this is a joke. After 1 hour still not able to join a supply raid with parties allowed. ND you The last of us matchmaking takes forever be ashamed of.

I Wanting Sex Dating The last of us matchmaking takes forever

You are about to lose a big time fan if this doesn't get fixed soon. It should get resolved soon. The PS3 version had similar problems at launch but they got fixed quick.

Kaepernick LOL http: Make someone else the host, i was in a party of The last of us matchmaking takes forever and waited like 10mins until we changed hosts and it found players Oriental massage cambridge. Are you saying I can run takkes a bullet? ToucheAmore posted No party option on launch day was taking about 3 minutes to find a match NOW it's taking about 8 minutes to find a match Let's not forget that it tosses you into a match most of the time that's already halfway over The match ends and quickly get tossed into another 8 minute search The PS3 servers are fine.

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You Jelly? It's not my account, since I have 3 and they all behave like. It's not my network or ISP, since it's also like this at work and from a Starbucks local wifi hotspot.

Is it fubar ping lock code that drops our matchmaking priority? Im in Argentina and i cannot play, its been several days of waiting endlessly. Today i waited 16 minutes and still matchmaking.

Ranked matchmaking taking forever :: SOULCALIBUR VI General Discussions

This matchmakinb bullshit, this game used to have the quickest matchmaking People source ok ever experienced, and now is the worst. Is there any solution? Thanks for the info. The thing is that when I run a internet Speedtest: Recently I tried to play on 1-man squad and also on squad and it was super fast the matchmaking.

So, apparently the problems is mainly on solo mode and surely is related with the futbar ping lock.

That is your ping at that specific time to the server you are trying to connect to. I hope that helps.

I still facing this problem. Please, don't let this thread die. My results:. TPP works fine.

Only solos FPP doesn't work. This thread needs to get some dev attention.

Matchmaking taking forever - Help & Troubleshooting - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Forums

Hey Devs, maybe you can give any answers or something to help us, or you dont care about forefer community??? They've said multiple times the matchmaking system isn't what it should be.

We Cum online games still actively discussing the system, and looking into rules based on player ping, language, or distance.

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We are also considering improving MMR logic and increasing the interval for resetting the leaderboard to build a more systematic matchmaking. This is a complicated system to build and get right, which means we have a lot of work to get done in this area so we don't want to make any hasty promises.

omg please fix matchmaking. - The Last of Us Remastered Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs

Our goal is to provide all players with a healthy queue forevfr ensures a stable and fair game. We'll keep you posted for more details as we commit to figuring this out!

Ok, but we want them to address the bug. I don't know how they're fixing PUBG, but it's definitinely not working for me.

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I dont know why devs have so bad attitude to community Guys, you have a problem with servers or something Please answer or do it something!! It wasn't the "last" patch that broke this. This is a big issue that has some of us locked out of the main matchmaking pool with the main NA FPP playerbase, and it "seems" it's Solos, Duos, forevet Squads.

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I've been putting this on blast across all forums and at various PUBG twitter channels, and have heard absolutely. I have the same issue with matchmaking.

The last of us matchmaking takes forever

Any other, it's super fast. So for couple of days i was playing in squad fpp mode Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts.