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Songs about not being perfect

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If your for real.

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Or lyrics.

It speaks to the range of emotions I have in regards to all things relationship-related. Who else is with me? No matter your mood, Taylor has a tune.

Key lyric: Ugh, been. Trust me.

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Er, trust Taylor. Just say no.

Because you really should have seen it coming. Bad.

Let the self-scolding ensue. You have my full permission to kick yourself for 10 minutes, and then revel in the Songgs of magic that was and what could have been, sigh.

Here are 20 songs about being strong and never giving up to help you overcome obstacles. Here is a list of songs about not being good enough complete with discussion of the meanings. "I know ways to be a good girl Nobody's Perfect. How to find the right Taylor Swift song for your current relationship situation. into place” and still being able to picture it “after all these days” that hits so hard? confusion of, “How does he not see we'd be perfect together?.

Whoever said they would, BTW? And sometimes love grows between two total opposites — and it works. It can even be great.

So listen to your heart, not the naysayers. Some other girl.

As in, not you. Because eventually, you reach that brilliant day when you can see all the reasons it was never baout to work out anyway — and no amount of pleading will sway your heartstrings.

Perfecy when you do get to that day, you deserve this song! When that promising new guy totally pulls the slow fade on you… Play: Because sometimes great love is worth fighting for, plain and simple.

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